Stop thinking and start being

Each one of us knows that there is no future in our past.  That everything we have worried about and given excess energy to, has just drained us, and wasted our time.   For many we are still in the habit of worry; about other people, about our health, wealth, work, mission, destiny and so on and so on it goes.  Worry has been an endless infinite time-wasting reality of what ifs, and maybes, that so many of us have fed into.  We jump into other people’s minds and assume how they are thinking, and use that assumption to put ourselves down.   We worry about being judged, which automatically gives everyone in your life the right to do so, because the minute you think it, you create it, and feed it.  

Now we are being given the opportunity to clear the pattern of habitual time wasting worrying from our psyche, and how it is done, is by making “the” choice, “that” it is over.  Stop feeding the worry and the fear, it has no room to grow and spread.  It is time to start feeding and nourishing yourself, by being present as a soul, experiencing a wondrous vast infinite cosmos, a bountiful earth and a heart driven society.  When we feed into the fear we experience, everything through that reality, and in our lives, become small, tight, restrictive and life taking.  

In this 5th dimension, no thoughts pre dispose our position, everything just is.  If something needs to be cleared that comes from the old paradigm of fear, it presents to you, along with the solution, as long as you stay present to the gift without feeding the fear.  When manifestation or creation needs to occur, then inspired action flows through you and everything comes towards you.  

When we create through fear or lack of, everything is pushed away from us.  So, today, take a breath, and allow yourself to be present in your Universal Flow.  Allow yourself to be nourished, inspired and loved.  Any actions that need to be taken to manifest the life of your choice will flow into your mind without effort or strain. 

We now have a clear choice, to stay with the old paradigm, where we perceive everything is mapped out, and set for us where we gurify, and hand our power over to others, or, we choose to be fluid and inspired by our soul, and finally follow our true hearts intelligence.

With love, 


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