"Free yourself of illusion, reveal your true power, light and fullest potential".


Our clients are powerful and willing game-changers, who need to be recharged, rebooted or supported, while they bring their own unique transformational gifts and talents to life. They are tired of conformity; striving to lead better, extraordinary and often exceptional lives.

They are growing beyond their self-imposed imprisonment, which kept them conforming to old reality paradigms – such as people pleasing, compromising, projection criticism and judgment – all of which no longer fit in their mission of Mastery.

Our clients come to us so they feel uniquely empowered to:

Shed conformity to be extraordinary.

Become divinely present.

Harness the force field around them everyday.

Receive tools to aid rapid
transformation and growth.

Strengthen their ability to back themselves and their dreams.

If you are ready for your next level,
here's how we can team up to get you there:

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Transcendence Events 2021

Are you afraid of being seen or standing out from the crowd? Are you conforming and not being authentic? Are you on a conscious path of evolvement?

Then attending a event will help you to feel, empowered, excited, transformed and plugged in to Universal Flow. Each event facilitated by us both is always aligned with the latest planetary energy. You will receive guidance tools and personal insights that will help you, to support yourself, in a powerful way in your daily life. All events are filled with humour and relate to your life and the location you live in. Every event is different as they constantly evolve to match the latest energy.

To feel your power, light and reach your fullest potential. It’s time for your true authentic self, to be seen, heard and felt!

Check out our next event on our Events Page.


Soul to soul mentorship
(I am another you)

Do you need direction, feel stuck or lacking excitement? Do you feel like you are missing a piece of information? Are you concerned about your next step? Do you need clarity and support? Do you need to clear/resolve lingering issues? 

This is an interactive session where Jacinta's soul reflects back to your soul the next step in your process. You will receive guidance, clarity and inspiration? At the end of the session you will feel clear, focused, understood and burden free.

Once you have booked your session in, we will be in touch to organise your date and time.

1 Hour | Skype or In-Person | POA


The recalibration
(Crystal skull activation)

C.S.A. reconnects you with the original pattern of Divine Perfection, a state of wholeness that each of us has access to. This is a high vibrational personal session that aids with the expansion in consciousness and an acceleration of your spiritual growth. 

The Crystal Skulls help you to remember your original perfection, so that you can envision your future, and take the next step, to bring that into your current reality.

This activation is for spiritually aware individuals, who wish to connect to their enlightened self. If you feel you need fine tuning or you are on the edge of a breakthrough, but can’t make the leap then this activation will help you flick that switch, so you can reach the next level of your evolution. This is not a healing session it is a very sacred activation and is the only one of its kind in the world. The recalibration will help you to feel nurtured and more present than ever before.

Once you have booked your session in, we will be in touch to organise your date and time.

1 Hour |In Person or Via Zoom| $195 AUD or €125 EU


The metamorphosis

This is an in-depth spiritual transmission session. Your appointment begins with a head and hand massage from Christy. This prepares you for your soul to soul mentorship session with Jacinta. You will have time to clear patterns and brainstorm new ideas.

The session ends with a Divine Essence Crystal Healing session and foot massage given by both Jacinta and Christy. This realigns, rebalances and reboots your connection with the Universal Flow.

Have you have been resisting change or stuck in comfort zones? Are you aware theOre is more but not sure what this means? Are you afraid of the unknown? Are you an empowered individual, who practices self-care? Then this is a unique and sacred experience not to be missed.
This session lasts approx. 3 hours and you will feel nurtured, de-stressed, present, excited and ready for your next steps!

If you wish to include two follow up 30-minute Skype mentorship sessions with Jacinta. There is limited availability for these tailor-made sessions. P.O.A.

Once you have booked your session in, we will be in touch to organise your date and time.

1 Hour | Only in person, country dependent | $450 AUD or €250 EU


The entrepreneur's renaissance

Intuitive Report for Entrepreneurs and small businesses

Do you feel stuck and need to get back on track? Have you deviated from your original vision? Do you need more ideas or wish to know the next step? Are you lacking the passion you once held? Are you questioning yourself, self-sabotaging or feel blocked?

In the past few years it has become obvious that there are massive changes occurring in every section of society. The business world can no longer sustain itself unless it becomes fully aware of the need to create supportive life enhancing sustainable environments for staff and also clients.

Each business has its own energy and frequency, your ideas have energy and when an idea is birthed it needs to be nurtured. The heart of your business will be connected to and you will receive a report within 72 hours covering direction, guidance and inspiration. This will ensure that you will be running or working with a heart based business that will thrive in the current environment of chaos and massive change.

Once you have booked your session in, we will be in touch to organise your date and time.

1 Hour | Skype or In-Person | $595 AUD or €450 EU



“Throughout our time together, everything in me was saying “Yes, yes, yes!”. I was totally blown away at the incredible in-depth level and helpfulness of the insights that Jacinta revealed to me during our session. Jacinta is world class and superbly thorough and knowledgeable in her field”.

Aimee Angels

“What an incredible year it has been since my session with Jacinta and Christy. It was a game-changer! They helped me create a new blueprint and explore my own vision for the future. My life path has completely changed. I am now following my passion. I love what I do. I feel so positive and love my life, even though it has been challenging at times. I have managed to break through so many boundaries. Jacinta and Christy are outstanding!".

Margaret Brosnan

"I have attended workshops facilitated by Jacinta and Christy for the past twenty years. They both have truly contributed to and inspired my journey on my spiritual path. I have found their commitment and generosity of knowledge, gifts and skills enlightening. Thank-you!”

Marguerite Gordon

"Jacinta is a pioneering luminary who confidently translates fresh, avant-garde spiritual concepts and consciousness into practical, workable approaches and solutions to making Vision a Reality. Her living legacy is a host of inspired, uplifted people who are re-impassioned and reinvigorated to their purpose, and renewed in their belief that they can fulfil it in their own unique way. For every aspect of their work, Jacinta and Christy provide a space of utter loving kindness, care and human warmth, which creates a reassuring and potent crucible for change. Indeed it is their lovingness, humour and ability to hold faith for an emerging expression that have been instrumental in the revelation and evolution of my own life purpose and direction. A thousand thank yous!".

Juliet O' Keeffe

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