Masks slip and secrets revealed

We are now in a time of masks slipping and secrets revealing. You may think this is about other people, it is also about you, about me, and about humanity.  The focus of international media about systematic abuse in Hollywood, our banking systems, our governments and so many institutions, yet, we truly need to look at where we are complicit.  Many people in Hollywood and its related industries, have been given God like status, massive amounts of money and power, handed to them on a plate, for them to do with what they will.  

Now, as masks are slipping and secrets revealing, we have to see that so many people including victims, covered this up, enabling it to continue for decades.  We continue to vote people into governments, around the world, even though some of those politicians have very suspect moral codes, if any at all.  We look back in horror with our 21st century values, at the systematic abuse in mother and baby homes and catholic institutions, yet, so many were complicit at the time, accepting of the fact that an unmarried mother and her child deserved to be treated in such a vile manner.  This was the acceptable norm. 

So, it is easy at this time to be shocked at unfolding world events, and not see how many of us have handed over our power, our money and our health to those who do not have our best interests at heart. How we have idolized individuals who actually are just human with all the good and the bad that entails. 

Our own masks are slipping, the personas we have carefully built, shattering. 

All that has been holding us back, our control issues, our feelings of isolation, our lack of self-worth, our need to belong, our greed, our obsessions, our elevations of others, our need to blame/shame/project, our victim consciousness, our fears of evolving beyond our friends or family, or our fears that others may be evolving beyond us, are now up to clear, NOT TO OWN!  

As our persona shatters and mask slips, it is our brilliance, our light, our power that is ready to be revealed without hindrance. Are you ready? I know I AM!

With love, 


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