No more grounding

There is so much confusion being caused right now, by outmoded practices and also the words used to describe them.  Pre 2012, when we were consciously navigating the density, and still playing within the limited field of the third dimension, it was vital we grounded and anchor our energy.  Many people who were very solid and grounded people, since that time, have become intermittently disorientated and are experiencing more chaos.  We are in the fifth dimension and to fully feel the expansion and limitless possibilities that living in this reality brings, we need to be fluid and most importantly Divinely Present.  

Each of us, is connected individually to the Universal Flow and energy that connects us to the cosmos and to Mother Earth.  Then in turn, we are all connected through the crystalline grid of Mother Earth, to each other.  When we are present and connected to the Universal Flow, manifestation is effortless, inspired actions flow, and creative juices unleashed.  

So instead of rooting yourself solidly like a tree in the ground, feel yourself as the tree, and as you walk, feel yourself as the blade of grass, the falling leaf, the fast-moving river, the cloudy or cloudless sky, the bird chirping in the tree, the person walking ahead of you.  In truth, you are all those things because everything is within you.   

So be divinely present and fluid in the moment, and then and only then, will you fully feel the power of the infinite within.

With love, 


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