"If everyone loved themselves, the world would be a better place".

About Us

With 45 years of experience between us in Metaphysics and healing modalities, we as a husband and wife partnership are “on-fire”, inspired and so ready to empower game-changers to reach their full potential. Being passionate spiritual teachers, we help those who are tired of conformity, to lead better, extraordinary and often exceptional lives.

We have worked on a conscious spiritual path for decades, facilitating empowerment events and personal sessions across the globe. We have also founded the Divine Essence Crystal Healing Academy – providing cutting edge healing modalities and trainings for aspiring spiritual teachers who want to make a difference too. 

Jacinta Murray

Keynote speaker, master teacher trainer, intuitive channel, and life-force enhancer.

Co-founder of Jacintachristy.com and Co-founder of The Divine Essence Crystal Healing Academy. My passion, humour and enthusiasm for my work and life is present in my personality and everyday life. I love to travel and ingest other people’s cultures and belief systems.

Having trained in many healing modalities, my experience and knowledge in Metaphysics spans over twenty-five years. I de-mystify and simplify energetic complexities so that those who can connect to me, have the awareness of the latest planetary energy of massive transformation available to them. My work evolves at the same rate as the latest energy, free of illusion, so we can truly feel its power and reach our fullest potential. The world we live in is about production, and we are made to feel like we are not good enough, from so many sources, even within our personal circle of friends and family. I love to connect people to their passion, their purpose and help free them from the prison of conformity. 

This is the year of Happiness. Let’s have fun!

Christy Murray

Energy Channel.

Co-founder of Jacintachristy.com and Co-founder of The Divine Essence Crystal Healing Academy. I am practical, logistical and my passion for Mother Earth and especially the nature are always present in my heart. 

Representing the energy of the enlightened male, I endeavour to provide a space, which is felt to be safe, for women who have had bad experiences with male energy, so they can heal themselves by my example of a truly emotionally intelligent male. At the same time, providing a space for men who are currently going through massive shifts, in their personal and working life, to reveal their true and often vulnerable selves. 

Having worked in logistics for over 43 years, and metaphysics for 20 years, I bring the energy of fun and practicality to all of our work. My private life and working life totally transformed when I embraced a conscious path of spirituality. I provide a fluid circuit of energy at our events. This constantly flows through me, so that those attending can connect with high vibrational frequencies safely, with grace and ease.  This brings clarity and ease, healing and empowerment to the individual or group. My philosophy is simple 'if everyone loved themselves, the world would be a better place for all' and to this end, I encourage everyone I meet, to love “the self” first and foremost. It is not complicated, new game changers are emerging and as we embrace simplicity and opportunities, we evolve to our “highest self”.

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