Find your still point

In these times of intensity when our fears are being fuelled to erode our freedoms, and our issues are foremost in our reality, on a daily basis, we need to remember the safest place to be during a storm is in the eye.  We are experiencing more earthquakes, volcanic, eruptions, solar flares, fires, flooding and hurricanes.  When it’s not happening physically to us, we may believe we are unaffected by events that are happening around the world.   This is Not so, the weather is occurring within humanity as much as it is occurring on the earth. 

The spiritual community is as affected with implosions, explosions, separations, competition and divide and conquer.  Many are experiencing flashes of anger, giving it or receiving it, extreme stress, or feelings of deep grief.  The saying “you teach people how to treat you” was never more relevant than it is now.  We are being shown daily through our interactions, areas where we may be still lacking love for “the self”.  Once you fully love and appreciate “the self”, you no longer call in the lessons.  Everyone respects you, and honours your truth, even if they don’t agree with it.  

The eye of the storm is the still point, and we are being reminded as the planet and humanity are experiencing tumultuous times, that to survive and thrive in the new normal of chaos, confusion and Creation we need to find that still point within.  From that still point, we harness the power of the storm around us, so we can create a new reality free of fear, so we can truly thrive.

With love, 


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