Crystal for 2020, Auralite 23 The year of heartfelt relationship

We have just completed the year of conscious living and now you are conscious of who you are, more than ever before. 2019 stripped away any illusions, exposed everything around us and within us. We got to see yet again where we are celebrated and where we are tolerated. Many realise they need less ‘stuff’ and place more value on the people in their lives and the shared experiences they have.  Now armed with new insights and awareness around our triggers, we are less reactive and more responsive, as we move through the year of HEARTFELT RELATIONSHIP. ‘Know Thyself” is vital as we move through this year of massive potential. The crystal representing this year 2020 is Auralite 23 the kindred spirit stone.

So, in this year of heartfelt relationship, knowing yourself, means you will be in the flow responsive to the opportunities that the cosmic and planetary alignments bring to expand your consciousness and show you new ways of being. Heartfelt relationship with self means you will only call in those of like mind, to share your journey as you move forward and enjoy heartfelt relationships with them. Kindred spirits unifying to empower, to transform and create a new way forward for all humanity.

So many of our systems are broken with toxicity from those who wield power and put profit before people this is includes the area of spirituality. Blatant lies, fake news, vitriolic rantings on social media have become normalised. Its time for this to end.  For all those people who are still working within broken systems who show up and shine their light even though they are up against it, we give gratitude and trust that transformation will come.

2020 will be a year where we return to a more spiritual way of being that is based in authenticity, simplicity and deep connection. A year of monumental metamorphosis that brings forth ascension and enlightenment possibilities for those who have worked with the energy of 2019. If you still choose to be stuck in the past, indulging shame, blame or victim consciousness, you will be missing out on the opportunities presented until you take full responsibility for your life.

We began the year with powerful energies infusing the earth and sacred sites with cosmic light that you can avail off. If you are stuck in your story you will not be present to experience these life enhancing moments, where you can harness the forces around you and further your awareness and connection to the earth and the cosmos.

Transformation through suffering is old reality, in the fifth-dimension transformation comes lightly, easier without strain. Time to let go of superstitions, fears, old conditioning, that restricts us fully living the life we truly want to live. Freedom is only found when you drop the roles you play, crack the shell of how you presented to those people, and reveal who you truly are. Many powerful people are tired of hiding their light, taking a back seat and allowing others to use them as a lifeboat when they are drowning in their own emotions. It is time we take a stand and show who we are, life is not a popularity contest, so don’t worry what people think. Show your unique style, don’t be a clone and more importantly show your substance share your wisdom and be present for the life affirming transformational cosmic light that is flooding our beloved planet this year.

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