“We travel around the world running events to help create the world we want to live in; a world full of colour, free of fear and repression, competition and hustle, where people express themselves in a way that is unique to them”.

Eldorado Event

Eldorado Event  is for Heart Based entrepreneurs, gamechangers and people starting or running their own spiritual business.

Many entrepreneurs and individuals running heart-based businesses can become frustrated easily. Following all the latest trends and trying hard to be successful, and still feeling like they are falling short on some level. No matter what courses or online tutorials we undertake to "better" ourselves, we are still left with the feeling "something is missing" or we are so "close" but it's not happening fast enough for us. You may be already running a successful business but are ready to push through to the next level. 

Knowing what you want and doing everything you can to manifest it is fine, but, we must be clear about our subconscious motivations and fears. 

Being afraid of failure or being seen. Having an unhealthy relationship with money. Worrying about what others think. Afraid of being seen to be too big for your boots.  Misconceptions about ego. Being too tired to push through.  Feeling sabotaged and blaming others. Being responsible for others and not putting self-first. Wanting to emulate another person or their business.

These are a few of the fears that many people carry and until they are cleared, no matter what they do or who they hire to help them succeed, it won’t happen the way they would like it to. 

At this event, we will help you become aware of your personal obstacles and remove them. Prepare your personal ‘sales script’ for clients, clear energetic blocks so you can communicate effectively and connect you to universal flow. You will be connected through meditation to the heart of your business, so it can thrive and flourish. Leaving this event, you will have gained motivation, clarity, confidence, power and most importantly you will be centred in your heart! You will also receive a recorded guided meditation to connect to the heart of your business effortlessly.

Booking is vital as spaces for this event will sell out fast. You will receive an email one week before with guidance on some advance preparation for the event.  

This event is open to anyone who wishes to expand their full time or part time holistic or heart based business and personal potential also. There will be time after the event to network with other attendees.

July 22, 2018
Rochestown Park Hotel, Cork City, Ireland
€ 125

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